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Fountain & Aeration Systems


Fountain & Aeration Systems

One of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods of improving your lake or pond is the installation of a pond aeration system. This simple bubbling of air to the surface adds life-giving oxygen to the water and creates a vital circulation pattern. Pond aerator systems result in healthier fish, reduced algae growth, fewer dissolved toxic gasses, less odor, elimination of stagnation and lower lake or pond management costs.

Lakes and ponds come in all shapes and sizes. So do aeration systems.

Our experienced aeration team at Blue Water Aquatics can guide you through selection of which system is right for you.

Diffused Aeration Systems

Diffused aeration systems are underwater bubble factories. They pump air to the bottom, which rises, creating circulation. 

They’re great for larger, deeper bodies of water. Plus, they’re invisible on the surface, perfect for your pond or lake’s aesthetics. 

The parts of the bottom diffusion system are pretty simple. The diffused aerator systems three parts: the air compressor, air hose, and air diffuser. The air compressor sits on shore, pumping air through the hose down to the air diffuser placed on the bottom of the pond or lake. The air diffuser then releases air, causing hundreds of air bubbles to form, circulating and aerating the pond or lake water.

If you want the most thorough mixing of water – a diffused aeration system is the way to go!


Aerating Fountain Systems

They aerate the water and put on a great water show, adding a touch of pizzazz to your pond or lake. Aerating Fountains are ideal if you’re looking for function and beauty in a shallower depth pond. 

They only provide sufficient aeration in depths 6-8 feet or shallower, so they’re uncommon for aerating larger, deeper ponds or lakes.

If you really want to put on a show, many systems come with LED lighting that can be added to your fountain and changed by remote control!


We are Official Distributors for Airmax and Kasco Products.

Here at Blue Water Aquatics, we not only install fountains and aeration systems, we offer regular inspection & cleaning services (to keep your systems running efficiently ~ plus keeping you in compliance with your manufacturer's warranty ~ and minimizing more costly breakdowns) and we repair most makes and models.