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HOA’s, CDD’s, Golf Courses


HOA’s, CDD’s, Golf Courses & Property Managers

Property managers, CDD’s and homeowner associations meet the many environmental needs of their communities. Not only do we help these properties meet compliance standards with their preserves, water, and open spaces, we help them maintain a community that is attractive to current and prospective homeowners. This helps ensure properties retain their value while enhancing the quality of life for all residents.

We’ve worked with communities of all sizes across West Central Florida. These include new, well-established developments, golf communities, those on inland waterways, high-rise developments, and those adjacent to preserve and wetland areas.

State and local law requires that virtually all new developments be designed to collect and control the stormwater runoff it will create. Each rooftop, paved driveway or parking lot, and every road creates hard surfaces that don’t absorb rainwater and all the water must go somewhere.

A system of drainage ditches, swales, underground storm water pipes, and water collection basins are constructed to prevent flooded streets in the community. Many privately owned retention ponds and wetland preserves (or conservation areas) are poorly maintained and managed. Most homeowners’ associations may hire a lake or pond maintenance service that treats algae and applies herbicides to maintain water quality.

We do that and MORE!

Long-term maintenance requires regular inspection and repair of storm water infrastructure that feeds water into the pond, as well as any weir or dam that controls overflow of water to a wetland or another body of water. When a development fails to control overgrowth of a wetland onto private or common property, the wetland eventually expands its borders and takes over which ultimately costs more to fix.

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