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Littoral Shelves


Littoral Shelves

Littoral shelves are a part of stormwater retention systems and have been planted with aquatic plants. They are there by design and are located by the outflow structure of storm water retention ponds to remove excess nutrients from the water before leaving the site, either through percolation or the out-flow structure itself. 

Littoral shelves also provide a habitat for birds, fish, and other animals. The more native plant species your body of water supports, the more nutrients it can provide to native wildlife. Local plants can supply food to lake and pond fish while also helping to maintain levels of oxygen and other essential elements. Certain animals even use the vegetation along littoral zones as a habitat for shelter.

Local government agencies monitor these areas and require them to be maintained in compliance with local land development requirements. We provide littoral shelf maintenance throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Blue Water Aquatics can effectively manage your littoral shelf compliance. If you have received notice from a government agency that your littoral shelf is not in compliance, give us a call so we can help you get in compliance.

Littoral shelves support a significant amount of native biomass. Because of Florida’s diverse array of aquatic species, certain plants can survive completely or partially submerged, while others can thrive entirely atop the water’s surface. Therefore, the littoral shelf contains water levels and soil depth that support a significant amount of varying vegetation.

We Offer The Following Services For Littoral Shelfs


Selective Herbicide Application For
Invasive Weed Control

Manual Removal Of
Invasive Weeds

Plantings & Compliance