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Water Quality & Aeration


Water Quality & Aeration

Water quality restoration is one of the most frequent and important challenges we face as lake and pond managers. Poor water quality due to nutrient loading is a constant issue, as runoff containing fertilizers and other pollutants from suburban lawns and gardens, and urban streets and parking lots drains into lakes, ponds, and storm water management facilities.

Excess nutrients, like phosphorus and nitrogen, play a key role in causing nuisance pond algae blooms, poor water clarity, and foul odors.

Dissolved Oxygen, pH, alkalinity and other parameters play an equally important role in the health of the aquatic system. The chemical and biological oxygen demand on your lake or pond at a given time tells us a lot about current conditions and the likelihood of having issues develop. Most importantly, understanding each of these parameters and the ratios between them will help you understand where the imbalances exist, and what strategies will solve the issues caused by these imbalances.

Water Wellness Check

Successful lake and pond management strategies begin with establishing a baseline understanding of the current conditions, developed through good water testing data, and using that data to develop a water quality restoration program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our standard testing will check for: pH, dissolved oxygen, phosphates, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, hardness, alkalinity, salinity, temperature, clarity, turbidity.

Different bodies of water might also require different management strategies depending on the use and the goals for that waterbody. Storm water ponds will need different programs than a recreational lake or pond that you are managing for quality fishing. Golf course lakes will have different issues and needs for their water than you might expect for a homeowner association pond.

The data collected will help us put you on the right path towards the achievement of your lake or pond goals.

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Additional Water Quality Tests Are Available